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6 Exercises To Improve Posture


6 exercises to improve posture ‘Stand up straight’, ‘Stop slouching!’, alright mum, calm down! Yes, it’s annoying, but to be fair, none of us really want to walk around looking like Quasimodo. So, stand tall Esmeralda and let’s crack on! As humans we sit more than ever and of course many of us have it built in with our work lives but fear not. There is a way to exercise and build lean [...]

The Hidden Cost Of A 12-Week Transformation


What type of progress is more important to you; Immediate progress that’s less easily maintained, or maintainable progress that may not be as rapid? Society has driven us towards wanting things done quickly, done efficiently, done NOW. This is great for productivity and profit but, when it comes to the human body (both physically and mentally) fast isn’t always better. The 12-week transformation is both popular and big business in the fitness industry. [...]

Protein Shakes – Are They Needed?


PROTEIN SHAKES. ARE THEY NEEDED? Important note to begin with team; You don’t need to get your protein from a supplement to increase muscle mass. Protein dense whole food sources like meat, poultry, eggs, and even some nuts are all great protein sources that we will always recommend. That being said, how many of us leave our gym class or personal training session and can quickly consume a well balanced high protein salmon [...]

Rethinking Breakfast For Fat Loss


Quick and convenient are two words that pop to mind when we think of breakfast, especially during the working week. It’s no surprise that two slices of toast with butter, porridge or cereal tend to make up a large percentage of what people eat for breakfast. They’re quick, convenient and cheap. But these ultra processed, carb heavy, protein low breakfast options are not fuelling your day optimally, nor are they what we recommend [...]

Keep It Simple Stupid


Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Repeat. It’s simple! It’s Wednesday afternoon and I’ve just had a great discussion with PT Ryan and class member/everyday hero Sandeep. Typically Ryan was getting geeky with Sandeep about his hip hinge but Sandeep was more excited to tell us how great he’s been feeling recently. I remarked that he’s been very consistent and he agreed. He’s managed to attend lunchtime class at least [...]

I’m Injured – See You Next Month?


I’M INJURED - SEE YOU NEXT MONTH? So, I’ve broken my toe and heavily bruised the rest of my left foot. I love running most days and I can’t play my sport for 4-6 weeks. Send help, this could get ugly.. Don’t worry, less ugly more beautiful here. Just because I can’t squat, lunge, put more than 25% weight through one of my feet, it doesn’t mean I can’t train. I could sit [...]

Exercising Whilst On Holiday


Holidays are on the horizon. It's bikini and boardies time. The desire to workout and eat well is strong. The countdown is on, it's time to look and feel our best! The holiday arrives - we feel awesome about ourselves ... but how many of us stop exercising as soon as we get there? What a waste! Keep it up! I absolutely love exercising whilst I'm on the road. Whether it's travel for [...]

Stiff Back & Sore Neck? Try Locomotion Drills


Stiff back, sore neck, tight shoulders?  Try out these 3 locomotion drills - with practice we promise they will help you move and feel better. Locomotion drills strengthen the whole body and really engage your core. They especially work the shoulders, back and legs. An increase strength and range of movement can alleviate pain and discomfort in those areas.   Look a bit crazy?! Believe me your body will thank you for doing these [...]

How To Beat Late Night Snacking


BEAT LATE-NIGHT SNACKING We all start the day with good intentions - what we’re going to eat and what we’re going to avoid. We know we need to be good to reach our goals. Yes to eggs, no to the croissant. Yes to the water, no to the diet coke. Yes to the veg, no to the crisps. But often when you get home you’re tired. It’s been a long day, You’re a [...]

How To Use Tempo In Your Workout For Maximum Results


Using tempo and creating time under tension is so effective for increasing strength, muscle mass and overall performance. We know the feeling. The set is 10-12 reps, and we’d love to get them done as fast as possible. It feels great to rack up the numbers and hit those targets without a shake or a wobble. The truth is, for certain training styles that is totally fine and effective, so why do we [...]

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