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At PROATHLON, we provide personal training in small groups and one-to-one, giving you the option to train with a dedicated expert trainer, one-to-one, or have the same personalised support with the fun of a group dynamic. 

Our small group personal training classes have a maximum of six members, so we’re able to tailor the classes for individual needs and fully support each member. It’s personal training, just in a small group, not an average fitness class.

Classes are designed for every level, from whole body beginners’ weight training and strength training, to high intensity classes like MetCon and Focused Interval Training (FIT), and our boxing class, Punch Out.

Personal Training is a full package and includes a tailored nutrition plan, created by our resident qualified nutritionist, as well as a bespoke training plan and ongoing assessments.

The support we give our clients is what really makes us stand out. Our trainers are all experts, who are dedicated to our members’ success. Whatever your health and exercise goals, we’ll be pushing you when needed and cheering you on all the way. 

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We believe training is for everyone and offer a range of personal training options to suit you, whether you’re getting into exercise for the first time or striving to meet a big milestone. 

Our expert trainers have thousands of hours of experience and are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. We’ll support you in and out of the gym with training that’s challenging, fresh and fun, and nutrition programmes from our resident qualified nutritionist. 

We don’t do quick fixes – it’s all about sustainable change that empowers you to be where you want to be.

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