Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Repeat.

It’s simple!

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I’ve just had a great discussion with PT Ryan and class member/everyday hero Sandeep.

Typically Ryan was getting geeky with Sandeep about his hip hinge but Sandeep was more excited to tell us how great he’s been feeling recently.

I remarked that he’s been very consistent and he agreed. He’s managed to attend lunchtime class at least three times per week for the past month, give or take and that coupled with being conscious of his food intake has him reaping the benefits.

Sandeep is definitely looking slimmer and he strides into the class, head up rather than slides in, at the back! The t-shirt fit has noticeably improved.

He also mentioned that he’s feeling better through the day and feels so much sharper in the afternoons. Gone are those afternoon dips where it feels like someone’s dimmed the office lights and all you can think about is pouring coffee into your eyes and finding a cupboard to nap in. Sandeep explained that he used to go there regularly but here we are after a month of regular exercise, some regular banter in class, more vegetables and protein and Sandeep is a new man!

Then Ryan, the stoic philosopher extraordinaire that he is said it best, ‘so many people don’t do the basics right and wonder why they’re slipping into a coma by three in the afternoon. It’s so much simpler than people realize.” Exercise regularly (our classes will take care of that part – you just need to walk in the door) and remember to eat better and drink more water. You’ll find you’ll sleep better, feel more positive and that you can power through your day with more energy. No Apple Cider Vinegar, 17 week fasts or ass implants in sight!

For the next 3 weeks try these three things and watch your energy levels skyrocket:

  1. Get booked into 2-3 Proathlon classes per week, ahead of time. What gets scheduled, gets done.
  2. Eat more protein and veg in all meals – cut out the processed stuff.
  3. Drink at least 2.5lt of water per day.

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