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Benefits of Power Training


Why power training is important, whatever your age - and how to get started If you’re struggling to run for the bus or your legs are shot to pieces after walking up the escalator, then it would be a good idea to incorporate some power work into your training. There are many benefits of power training, and it's something that we encourage everyone to build in to their training with us, whether [...]

Are steps important for weight loss?


Why are steps important for weight loss or fat loss - even if you work out. When we start a new fitness or fat loss plan, our first thought is usually to increase the number of gym sessions or classes we attend each week.  And that’s a smart strategy: more exercise = burning more calories, and if that results in a calorie deficit, hey presto, weight or fat loss occurs. But what many [...]

How much water should I drink each day to support fitness and health?


How much water should I drink each day? The human body is approximately 60% water and the health benefits of staying hydrated are well-documented:  Improved energy and brain function Lower blood pressure Better skin and hair Relief from headaches and even constipation. Let’s face it, we all know water is good for us and we all know we should be drinking it...  However, studies have suggested that many people are actually chronically dehydrated. [...]

Social Events and Fat Loss


You are on a fat loss mission and you’ve started well. You’re 3 weeks in and you’ve started to see some changes in body shape and some movement on the scales. But, you have a big social event coming up in two weeks, all of your friends are going to be there who, you haven’t seen for ages. You know it is going to be an indulgent night, you want to enjoy yourself [...]

Benefits of Vitamin D


What are the benefits of Vitamin D? The clocks have gone back - winter is officially here. Sadly we now have less sunshine each day and therefore less chance to top up our Vitamin D levels. How to get more Vitamin D Vitamin D is synthesised by the body in response to sun exposure. Research suggests that the majority of people are chronically deficient in vitamin D because they rarely get full body [...]

3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Posture


3 simple steps to improve your posture We all know that sitting down for long periods of the day is not good for posture. Standing desks are a small improvement, but even when standing for long periods we tend to shift and slump. Enter a global pandemic forcing millions of people to work from home in poorly set up work stations and less overall physical movement and it’s no wonder that shoulder and [...]

Ten strategies to help you get better sleep


10 strategies to help you get better sleep. You need approximately 8hrs of uninterrupted sleep everyday. Fact. If you are getting less than 8hrs and waking up more than once per night then this is an area of your lifestyle that needs improving. Lack of sleep can: Drive up inflammation within your body. Inflammation is something you do not want more of as it can aggravate other conditions and diseases. It can also [...]

Improve your digestion with these easy tips


Part 2 – Digestion The digestive system is complex. We could write pages and pages of detailed information, which would quite frankly bore you to tears. Instead, do a simple assessment of your digestive health and then follow our basic tips to improve your digestion, day in, day out for a number of weeks and see if this makes a difference. For the majority of our clients it works. Assessing your digestive health [...]

Are you breathing correctly? Try these breathing techniques to alleviate stress


In this 3 part series of Get Healthy, we talk about the foundations to good health: breathing techniques, digestion & sleep. Before you read on, understand that all 3 areas are closely linked and can easily affect one another. Part 1 – Breathing I know what you are thinking. I breathe, If I didn’t I would die. So why do I need to read on? Well, It is how you breathe that we [...]

The Top 6 Benefits of Strength Training for Women

2022-07-04T13:00:32+01:00News, Training|

What are the Benefits of Strength Training for Women? A regrettable fact: women are more likely to underestimate what they can achieve physically than men. And societal expectations, although slowly changing, remain unbalanced. A man capable of lifting heavy weight demonstrates physical prowess. A woman doing the same is  often seen as misplaced. Why does this prejudice exist? Should women lift weights as men do?  What about turning into a She-Hulk? Let’s find out... [...]

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