It’s Blue Monday – the most depressing day in the calendar year according to Sky Travel. Are they right? Well this sudden drop in temperature certainly does’t help. Personally, I’m excited about the year ahead and that’s mainly because I have set my goals for the year and have a vision of where I want to be by December 2024.

If you’re feeling a little blue about the year ahead, I strongly urge you to spend 30mins writing down your goals and vision for the year. We are a small group personal training gym that help people with their health and fitness goals but, your goal setting can be for other aspects of your life; financial, social, travel, etc. So let’s turn Blue Monday into Happy Monday and goal set for the year ahead.

Work through the following 6 steps to help you smash 2024

  1. Where do you want to be by Dec 2024? What do you want to achieve? Write it down.
  1. Write down your goals that will lead you to your December 2024 vision, for example:
  • Complete a Hyrox event in under 70mins by May 2024
  • Lose 10kg body weight by April 2024
  • Back squat my bodyweight for 10 reps by June 2024
  • Have 2 date nights per month with my partner
  • Travel to 3 new countries with the family
  1. Write down what actions you have to take in order to achieve these goals. What habits do you need to create? for example
  • Run 2-3x per week.
  • Adjust my calories/diet and increase my daily step count to 12k
  • Follow a structured lower body strength training programme/work with a coach
  • Sync diaries with your partner and agree dates/organise babysitter.
  • Plan the family holidays with your partner
  1. Roadblocks will throw you off course. Write down these roadblocks and make a plan to overcome them ahead of time. For example:
  • Getting injured. I am going to be sensible with my training, progress slowly and make sure I put the time in to warm up and improve mobility.
  • Be flexible with my step count. Look at my weekly average instead of daily.
  • Do a weekly online shop so the kitchen is well stocked. Source a few local restaurants/meals that align with my goal of 10kg fat loss
  • Have flexibility with date night. Perhaps stay in and cook a different meal instead of going out.
  1. Do you feel personally accountable to your goals, or do you want to find some added accountability to your goals, for example:
  • Publicly announce your goals online or with a supportive friend
  • Create weekly goals so you can be accountable to a process that is consistent and repeatable
  • Invest in yourself, hire a coach/mentor/therapist
  1. What excuses do you usually make as to why you can’t achieve your goals? List them down and make solutions.

I hope this 6-step process helps you get focused and excited about the year ahead. Be sure to spend at least 30mins writing down your answers. Have them visible so that you can revisit them throughout the year.

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