Learn how to abdominal crunch 

The abdominal crunch, a popular core exercise we often see botched. People perform crunches way too fast with not enough control and because of this they often end up doing hundreds of reps. 

We rarely programme above 3 sets of 6 reps. So check out our coaching points and video tutorial below and you’ll be crunching like a pro.

  1. Perform abdominal crunches on a stability ball instead of the floor, this will allow you to lengthen and strength the abdominals before you contract them. 
  2. Squeeze you glutes (bottom) to help stabilise your pelvis. 
  3. Use the strong and powerful exhale as you crunch to get a deeper contraction 
  4. Pause at the top for 2s and then lower over 3s. 
  5. Don’t switch off the abdominals at the bottom of the rep
  6. Do not crunch too high as you’ll be performing more of a sit up rather than a crunch and this will bring your hip flexors into play and less abdominal at the top of the rep. 

Gone are the days of performing 300 crunches. Trust us, perform crunches like we demonstrate and your abdominals will be bursting with strength.

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