3 core exercises you should be doing

ABS…yes abs are the subject of todays rambling. Whilst we all love, or hate the A word depending on where we’re at on our journey. We all kind of want them, in some way, shape or form. Wether it’s a rippling 24 pack like PT Gav or a cute flat back like Simon ‘Ikea’ Jackson. But do not fear, this isn’t a post about bodyfat. Which is the determining factor when it comes to seeing what lies beneath. This is all about functionality and living stronger. 

Training our abs and more importantly our core, is imperative for making day to day life easier. A strong core helps us lift, carry, walk, climb the stairs and get out of bed better! Do you want to feel stronger in all the moves in the gym and the bedroom? Strengthen that core. 

Understanding the basic function of the core will help you train it more effectively. For the purpose of this post we will consider the core as torso/spine only. There are 3 planes of movement that the spine can perform 

  1. Flexion / Extension – think rounding and arching the back
  2. Lateral flexion left & right –  think bending side to side
  3. Rotation left & right – think twisting left and right

One of the main functions of the core is to stabilise (prevent movement) the trunk so that the arms and legs can move with force. 

The 3 exercises we use with all clients at Proathlon prevent the 3 planes of movements detailed above. Think anti-movement.

Stability ball roll outs (Anti extension)

Side plank (anti lateral flexion)

Pallof press (anti rotation) 

Gone are the days of 472 crunches and flapping around on a Swiss ball for 30 seconds. Include these 3 drills into your training to turn that stem of a mid section into a trunk that any 100ft sequoia tree would be proud of! 

But if you still like doing crunches then at least do them properly. 

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