Quick and convenient are two words that pop to mind when we think of breakfast, especially during the working week. It’s no surprise that two slices of toast with butter, porridge or cereal tend to make up a large percentage of what people eat for breakfast. They’re quick, convenient and cheap. But these ultra processed, carb heavy, protein low breakfast options are not fuelling your day optimally, nor are they what we recommend to clients that are trying to reduce body fat and optimise health.

Two rules we give clients when selecting breakfast (and all other meals in fact) are that it must contain at least 30g of protein and there must be an adequate amount of fibre ( circa 10g). Here are a reasons why:

  • Both protein and fibre increase satiety (feeling full). Therefore less likely to snack mid morning.
  • Adequate fibre will slow the digestion process which in turn reduces blood sugar spikes.
  • Improved energy throughout the morning
  • Adequate protein intake helps cells/tissues regenerate.

So ditch the traditional, ultra processed, high carb, low protein breakfast and try our top 3 high protein and fibre on the go breakfasts:

  1. Greek omelette

Click the link below for ingredients and method:


*This is a quick meal to make the night before. Divide into 3 portions. Evening meal sorted and then 2 days of breakfast are ready and waiting for you.

  1. Skyr yoghurt, flaxseed & berries


200g Skyr yoghurt

20g ground flaxseed

50g blueberries

  1. Overnight protein oats


75g oats

1 scoop of choc & nut Awesome Vegan Protein (https://awesomesupplements.co.uk/collections/protein/products/awesome-protein-powder)

375ml of whole milk (or milk alternative)

*Mix the milk and protein powder before pouring over oats. Mix well and leave in the fridge overnight.

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