PROATHLON take on Hyrox London! What is it?

Hyrox is a new “ish” functional fitness / endurance competition that is taking the fitness industry by storm. The founders created it so that the everyday gym goer…yes you and I, can have a measuring stick to check our progress and strive towards. It’s long and enduring as you might have guessed and can take between 1 hour (if you’re very quick) up to 2-3 hours for the every day athlete. The course layout is the same every time, meaning your time is your time and when you try to beat that time, it’s a very close reflection of any progress made. The bonus is, all elements apart from rowing can be done in Proathlon. With the running element being 1km at a time we have the streets of London for that part.

Each run is 1km, but you’ll do this 8 times before the finish line. The fun part is, in-between these 1km intervals you have 8 different disciplines to complete, and each of these will suit different types of person differently. 

After your first 1km run off of a busy start line with approximately 50 other athletes you come to the Ski Erg, where you will ski for 1km before setting off on your second km run. Discipline number 2 is the sled push, Simon’s favourite. 50meters at 102kg for the ladies and 152kgs for the boys. Yes, this one needs serious efficiency and rest throughout. You need to take breaks here otherwise those legs will stop working very quickly and you have kilometer 3 to run next. Discipline number 3 is a sled pull, same distance as the push but lighter weights, thank god! 78kg and 103kg respectively. Kilometer 4 is your halfway point on the running element before dropping into many people’s nemesis. 80meters of burpee broad jumps. This empties your lungs quickly and reminds you that this wasn’t such a good idea after all, but you carry on because hundreds of people are behind the barriers cheering you on. Kilometer 5 is followed by a 1000meter row, a chance to sit down for a few minutes! Kilometer 6 brings you to a 200 meter kettle bell farmers carry. 2x16kg for the ladies and 2×24 for the lads, this is likely to be your easiest section and unfortunately it’s likely to be over and done with the quickest. Run again before a wonderful 100meters of walking lunges with a 10kg or 20kg sandbag over your shoulders and your at the final run! Delightful I hear you cry…well, cry you will because the final element before the finish line is a whole lot of wall balls to a 10ft target. 75 of them if you’re a lady and 100 if you’re a donkey/man. 4kg and 6kg in weight, then you can crawl across the finish line feeling exhausted but very very accomplished! 

So, who wants in? You can also share the work and join the pairs race. You all run together but share out the disciplines as you feel fit. 

PROATHLON staff are registered for the November event at the Excel centre. Let’s take a look at the teams:

TEAM TOO HEAVY – Simon teaming up with PT client Max (Hauling my 100kg body around the course is going to be punishing)

TEAM SUB 60 – Gav & Mitch (Will they complete the course in under 60mins?)

TEAM STEALTH – Richard & Ryan (Are they secretly training away from Proathlon?)

DREAM TEAM – Rachel with client Cat (Watch out, these ladies might well win the competition)

Who is going to win?

If you’d like to come and watch the team suffer as we make you suffer on a regular basis then we’d love the support and to bring you all together. 

Speak to one of the team and let’s get you over for a fun few hours of fitness, spectating and action. 

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