Holidays are on the horizon. It’s bikini and boardies time. The desire to workout and eat well is strong. The countdown is on, it’s time to look and feel our best!

The holiday arrives – we feel awesome about ourselves … but how many of us stop exercising as soon as we get there? What a waste!

Keep it up!

I absolutely love exercising whilst I’m on the road. Whether it’s travel for work or pleasure I make sure to prioritise a daily workout. There are multiple reasons for this which I’ll get to, and whilst some of you reading (not all) will be thinking ‘how boring’ and ‘relax it’s a holiday’ the first thing that springs to mind is, I’m a happier and more energetic person to be around when I’ve worked out. We all want that version on holiday! We all know exercise is scientifically proven to improve your mood, so why wouldn’t you give yourself that gift on holiday!?

Sneaking in a workout when others aren’t doing anything is great for the self esteem – getting in an early workout can make you feel happy, confident (who doesn’t feel better about revealing their body after a workout!) and you will definitely enjoy that extra course and a drink (or three) at sunset!

Having the time could be your next mental hurdle and this one does make sense. The great thing is you can get an amazing workout in (to get those feel-good endorphins released and that sexy pump on) in 20 minutes if you work hard and smart. The suns out so let’s be efficient with this beach body cheat code. If my hotel or accommodation has a gym, great, but if it doesn’t then it’s never a problem because I weight 78kg. 78kgs of twisted steel and sex appeal I’ll have you know! See a couple of travel workouts below as ideas to help you be the best version of yourself on your next get-away.


25min EMOM

Min 1: 10-15 Press Ups

Min 2: 20 DB Goblet Squats

Min 3: 15 DB Curl and Press

Min 4: 20 Sit-ups

Min 5: 15 DB Deadlifts

*Aim to be working for 45 seconds per minute, giving yourself time for maximum effort with enough rest before the next exercise/minute begins.



20min AMRAP (As many rounds and reps as possible)

5 Burpees/Down ups

10 Press ups/Knee PU’s

15 Air Squats

*This is a popular CrossFit style bodyweight workout. Aim to stay at around 80% effort throughout as that 20 minutes moves quite slowly. Set a timer, put the music on and just start moving. Fitness level depending, you can adjust the length of the workout or drop some numbers. I like to use the air squats as a time to shake my arms and recover my breathing and heart rate before the next round begins. Push yourself, you could find that by the time you’d usually scroll for 10 minutes and stare out of the window you could have smashed 50 burpees, 100 push ups and 150 squats. Now go refuel at the breakfast bar and enjoy your day, in those slightly nicer fitting holiday clothes you fit and healthy human.

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