So, I’ve broken my toe and heavily bruised the rest of my left foot. I love running most days and I can’t play my sport for 4-6 weeks. Send help, this could get ugly..

Don’t worry, less ugly more beautiful here. Just because I can’t squat, lunge, put more than 25% weight through one of my feet, it doesn’t mean I can’t train.

I could sit around complaining and whining like a real man, give myself a month off as my foot needs it, but why? I’d be missing out on natural good moods from exercise and I’d feel lethargic. No thanks May! Instead of that rather moody, pessimistic way of thinking I’m going to be optimistic. I can hobble around and 25% through the leg means not all is lost. I also have two arms, a back and a chest which don’t require standing to be worked. So let’s get to it and leave the excuses in the bin … with any dreams of ever becoming a foot model.

Whilst this is injury dependent of course, we should still always try to focus on what we can do. Cardio is tricky? Can we still use the ski erg in the gym…Verbier anyone? That partnered with multidirectional upper body work, this could be a blessing in disguise! Who doesn’t want triceps bigger than their thighs? I joke, but the truth is having a negative outlook will only lead to a negative outcome. What can we control? Our attitude, our desire to see an injury as an opportunity and a chance to adapt. We exercise to feel great and an injured body part shouldn’t stop that as long as we manage correctly and don’t affect the injury. If you find yourself injured speak to your personal trainer about possible options to make sure you still get your daily sweat on, earn those calories and feel the dopamine hit! Another huge bonus is, maybe it’ll get you out of Versa Climber intervals with Simon!

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