Proathlon Open Day

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Join us on Thursday 12th November to meet the Proathlon team and our friends from Fresh Fitness Food. From 11am to 3pm What’s […]

Falafel Mountain

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Ingredients: Base layer Quinoa, cooked as packet instructions Salad layer  2 sticks celery 1 red pepper Half a cucumber Handful […]

Tasty thai style turkey burgers

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Ingredients: 200g lean turkey mince 2 spring onions Fresh red chilli Chopped kaffir lime leaves – I buy the frozen […]

Fresh tuna niçoise

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Classic – so easy and SO good! Ingredients 1 Fresh tuna steak 2 organic free range eggs Half a packet of […]

Anti inflammation diet

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Acute inflammation is the body’s immune system kicking into action. It is an essential protection mechanism and the symptoms subside […]

Halloumi, cherry and puy lentil salad

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Lovely combination of salty cheese and sweet cherries.  Ingredients: 1 block of halloumi cheese Handful of fresh cherries, halved Puy […]

Cinnamon & oat pancakes

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Ingredients 4 Free range eggs 100g Gluten free oats Cinnamon Almond butter 150g Greek yoghurt 75g Raspberries   Crack the […]

Breakfast: ‘Breaking the fast’

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The first meal of the day kick starts your metabolism, fuels brain function and powers your body for the rest […]

Inspiring Healthy Recipe

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Chicken & Mango Madness Cook the quinoa as packet instructions – We always use stock for a bit of added […]


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Water is vital for life. It makes up 40-60% of our total body weight (dependent on age and sex). It […]