Stiff back, sore neck, tight shoulders? 

Try out these 3 locomotion drills – with practice we promise they will help you move and feel better.

Locomotion drills strengthen the whole body and really engage your core. They especially work the shoulders, back and legs. An increase strength and range of movement can alleviate pain and discomfort in those areas.  

Look a bit crazy?! Believe me your body will thank you for doing these drills. 

Bear walks and froggers will help decompress your lower back (lumber) which can provide instant relief if you suffer from a tight/stiff lower back. It’s like giving yourself a massage! 

These locomotion drills can also help improve your functional strength by challenging your body to handle load in different directions and shift weight from side to side. This can address the gaps often left out by traditional training methods. 

If you’re new to these drills, start with a basic variation that you can perform well. Then you can modify the drill as you progress. 

Frogger – you don’t need a perfect squat to start. Simply, squat as low as you can comfortably. 

Bear crawls – if you have tight hamstrings you might find it challenging to straighten your legs but it’s OK to bend your knees. Keep your hips as high a possible and work up to straighten your legs. 

Focus on the time you can spend in each position but, remember quality over quantity. Start slowly, don’t struggle to complete 1 minute of bear crawls in one hit, instead, break it up into shorter bouts. This way you can focus on moving well. 

Again, if you are new to locomotion drills, your wrists will not be conditioned to the pressures these drill place on them. Warm up your wrists so they are ready and build your capacity over a number of weeks. 

See videos and our suggested timings for each drill below. Right then, as Kylie once said, do the locomotion with me…




WEEK 1 – 30s x 3 (60s recovery)

WEEK 2 – 30s x 3 (60s recovery)

WEEK 3 – 40s x 3 (75s recovery)

WEEK 4 – 40s x 3 (75s recovery)

WEEK 5 – 50s x 3 (90s recovery)

WEEK 6 – 50s x 3 (90s recovery)

We know these drills look strange, but trust us, your lower back, knees and shoulders will feel great after a few weeks. 

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