We’re excited to show the world our new gym and state-of-the-art training facility near St. Paul’s, London.

Over the past few weeks we have undergone some changes. A facelift if you will, and no, we aren’t talking about the addition of Mitch’s shiny teeth.

We decided we wanted a new and more energizing appearance and we’ve had our eyes on some new gym kit! So we set an attainable target, stuck to our plan, put the effort in … and we got the results we wanted! You see – we do practice what we preach!!

We have created more gym floor space to provide ongoing first class service for our 1-1 personal training clients as well as increase our capabilities in small group training classes.

We’ve added a 15m track. A great distance for walking lunges (less turns = less rest – ouch!) crawling patterns – perfect for bullet proofing the shoulders and, drum roll, we have a sled! Sled training may look like it is for athletes but trust us, it is good for everyone!

We have also added a new cable cross over with a chin up/pull up bar on the Proathlon wall.

We are keeping ahead of the game and are thrilled with the changes we’ve made.

We have the space and the equipment to do what we love and what we do best – to train and educate our clients to be the healthiest, strongest, fittest and happiest version of themselves. We will continue to facilitate change, to optimise potential and to motivate.

Raise your game.

Plan to succeed.

Future proof your body.

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