We all start the day with good intentions – what we’re going to eat and what we’re going to avoid. We know we need to be good to reach our goals. Yes to eggs, no to the croissant. Yes to the water, no to the diet coke. Yes to the veg, no to the crisps.

But often when you get home you’re tired. It’s been a long day, You’re a bit peckish. Danger.

You try your best not to make eye contact with the snacks, but they stare at you, or they’re hiding in a cupboard playing mind games. They know you’re at your weakest. Twelve seconds later you’ve backflipped into a tube of Pringles and the goals can wait until tomorrow.

So, how do we win the battle?

Here are four ideas –


Don’t get too carried away, but it is possible. Being busy at work could lead to a lack of calories throughout the day. Fingers crossed what you are eating is on the ‘cleaner’ side, but this can also mean less calories. Salads and veg are brilliant – but you’ll need more volume.

Try to increase your protein intake. Not only is protein what your body needs to maintain lean muscle, which is what increases our metabolism, burning more calories whilst we aren’t in the gym – win. It is also more satiating, leading to reduced feelings of hunger.

Don’t be fooled by the idea that undereating is good, it isn’t. Speak to one of the trainers in PROATHLON about your daily calorie intake.


If you know you’re going to snack, snack well and make it count. Plan to include this time of eating in your day. Raw veggies are my friend when I get home from work and often I have a HUGE cup of ‘not really tea tea” after dinner with a square of dark chocolate.


Studies have shown that dehydration can give us the sensation of feeling hungry. Drinking a big glass of water before and after dinner will help suppress your appetite, leaving you more concerned with getting up in the night for a wee than feeling guilty about eating that Twix.

Studies have also shown that just a 2% dip in hydration can lead to a whopping 20% reduction in performance. Imagine having 20% more energy in Sweat Class. Dreamy. Stay hydrated team.


Crazy but true. Brushing your teeth after dinner can put an end to your eating window. Mentally you’re done. Don’t make yourself brush them again!


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