Get equipped with the best kit for home workouts. See our space saving recommendations and options to suit all budgets below:


A pair of adjustable dumbbells will give you the biggest bang for you buck. This versatile bit of kit is our number one recommendation for home gym equipment. Depending on your budget we would recommend the following…

On a budget? Go for a pair of adjustable dumbbells with a screw pin collar or spring collar:

Looking for higher quality? Then go for the Powerblock Pro 32. This clever set of dumbbells allows you to change the load in the matter of seconds:

Barbell, Bumper Plates & Collars

A barbell requires less coordination than a pair of dumbbells and is therefore more stable. This makes the adjustable barbell the perfect bit of kit for someone that is completely new to weight training. Barbells are also a great option for intermediate to advanced lifters who want to add more load to their lifts.

The 25kg studio barbell set is perfect for those new to weight training.

The 15kg ladies foundation bar is perfect for those with lifting experience. The bar is slightly thinner making it easier to grip and shorter so it is easier to control.

The men’s Ultra bar is perfect for those with lifting experience:

Once you’ve chosen your bar, you’ll need to purchase bumper plates and collars:

Bumper Plates:


Floor Mat

We recommend getting at least a 9mm thick sports mat to use during our stretch and move classes. The mat can also be used for all floor based exercise during our other classes.