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A New Physiotherapy Clinic Opens in EC4


A New Physiotherapy Clinic Opens at PROATHLON A new physiotherapy clinic, Life Physiotherapy, has opened here at PROATHLON, offering a full range of holistic physiotherapy services for busy City workers in and around EC4 and St Paul’s. The clinic offers expert help for spinal injuries, back and neck pain, sports injuries and recovering from surgery, as well as providing acupuncture and treating headaches and migraines. Roberto Colombini, who owns Life Physiotherapy, has [...]

Six Ways to Manage Stress


Six Ways to Manage Stress To help us manage stress it’s useful to understand the autonomic nervous system and its two component parts, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  The autonomic nervous system is a system within our bodies responsible for largely involuntary bodily functions like digestion and heartbeat. “Fight or flight” When we experience stress, the autonomic nervous system is activated and the sympathetic nervous system triggers a “fight or flight” [...]

What is Small Group Personal Training?


What is small group personal training? We think our small group personal training programme is one of the best in London. We also think the level of coaching you’ll receive is miles better than your average 1:1 personal trainer.  Yes, you could say we are biased but, we have our reasons. So let us bring you up to speed with what small group training actually is… WHAT IS SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING? [...]

Benefits of Power Training


Why power training is important, whatever your age - and how to get started If you’re struggling to run for the bus or your legs are shot to pieces after walking up the escalator, then it would be a good idea to incorporate some power work into your training. There are many benefits of power training, and it's something that we encourage everyone to build in to their training with us, whether [...]

Are steps important for weight loss?


Why are steps important for weight loss or fat loss - even if you work out. When we start a new fitness or fat loss plan, our first thought is usually to increase the number of gym sessions or classes we attend each week.  And that’s a smart strategy: more exercise = burning more calories, and if that results in a calorie deficit, hey presto, weight or fat loss occurs. But what many [...]

How much water should I drink each day to support fitness and health?


How much water should I drink each day? The human body is approximately 60% water and the health benefits of staying hydrated are well-documented:  Improved energy and brain function Lower blood pressure Better skin and hair Relief from headaches and even constipation. Let’s face it, we all know water is good for us and we all know we should be drinking it...  However, studies have suggested that many people are actually chronically dehydrated. [...]

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