Are you getting enough fibre in your diet each day?

We recommend the following fibre intake:

Women 30-35g per day
Men 40-45g per day

What is Fibre?

There are two types (both are important):

Soluble fibre

Relatively indigestible, water-soluble carbohydrates found in plants that undergo metabolic processing to enhance bowel health. They include:

Oats, dried beans and peas, nuts, barley, flax, fruits like oranges, bananas and apples. Vegetables such as artichokes and carrots.

Insoluble fibre

Indigestible, non-water soluble carbohydrates found primarily in the structures that make up plants rigid cell walls and add bulk to your stools. They include:

Vegetables such as green beans, beets and dark leafy vegetables, fruit skins and root vegetables skins, whole-grain products, seeds and nuts.

Signs & Symptoms of Low Fibre Intake

Constipation (especially if on a low carbohydrate diet)

Loose stools & frequent toilet visits
Weight gain (high fibre will give you the feeling of fullness after a meal)
Blood sugar fluctuations (high fibre delays the absorption of sugar)
Low energy/tiredness

Three high fibre food supplements we recommend to have in your kitchen

Getting more fibre in your diet can have a huge impact on your overall health, energy & weight control. Start tracking your intake today.

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