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a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.


Superfoods are foods that deliver more: more nutrients, energy and healing. They are foods that have been revered by ancient cultures around the world for thousands of years. Foods that have stood the test of time as healing and nourishing to the human body and recognised by ancient medicinal systems over generations of experience. Western science is verifying the nutrient density of these foods and numerous studies are showing the incredible healing ability of their nutrients. These are foods that come from the world’s top energetic places: The Amazon rainforest, the top of the Andes mountains, the foothills of the Himalayas, the wild African plains. Although superfoods are healing in a medicinal way, they are also nourishing. They fill the gap between food and herbal medicine.




Food is no longer food. What I mean is that farming has changed so radically over the past 70 years that what people eat and accept as food is usually a substance that has very little resemblance to the food we have been eating for generations before. The advent of chemical agriculture has meant that soils are depleted of essential trace minerals and soil organisms, resulting in food that looks pretty but is actually severely lacking in nutritional density and mineral density. Research has shown that the trace minerals in fruit and vegetables have fallen by up to 80% since 1940. On top of this, the use of toxic biocides continues to rise, exposing people to poisons that the human body has never before been exposed to. On top of all this, big food companies take this low quality food and further process it into a myriad of highly refined junk foods.


It’s no wonder disease rates continue to rise. When the body does not get the nutrients it needs to sustain itself, disease is the result. The food supplement industry has emerged as the supposed answer to the problem of poor food quality. The level of consciousness that caused the problem (chemical farming) can not solve the problem with the same level of consciousness (chemical food supplements). A large percentage of food supplements are manufactured using cheap ingredients that are very difficult for the body to digest. These chemical supplements also completely ignore that fact that nutrients in food do not function in isolation. We are only just beginning to realise the level of complexity of synergistic actions of the nutrients naturally found together in food. The mechanistic reductionist approach to nutrients misses the point. Nature is a fractal biological system with all parts working in harmony to achieve far more than the sum of these parts.


Chemical supplements also have no DNA and no information. Research is showing that the DNA in food actually transfers information to our DNA. Lifeless, dead, inorganic nutrient copies will never provide what the body needs. Our bodies have evolved over millions of years to absorb nutrients from FOOD.

One of the most profound ways of improving your level of health is to change to organic food. Besides the higher level of trace mineral and nutrients, the pesticide content of organic food is 180 times lower. There really is no option if you care about your health. Moving on from there, decades of eating nutrient-deficient foods have left a large deficit in most people’s nutrient balances. Something is needed to quickly boost nutrient levels and restore balance. Enter the superfoods.




  • Start reading labels. If you don’t understand or cannot pronounce the words on the label, it’s best to leave it on the shelf.

  • When I refer to fresh ingredients, I mean organic of homegrown wherever possible. Juices should be freshly squeezed.

  • The best water to drink is glass bottle mineral water.

  • Herbs and spices should be non-irradiated and preferably organic.

  • Oils should be extra virgin, cold pressed and organic.

  • Salt should be Himalayan rock salt or unbleached, non-iodated sea salt.

  • Soya-based products such as tamari or miso must be organic and non-GM (genetically modified).

  • All dried fruits should be preservative and sulphur dioxide-free.

  • All cacao should be truly raw, having been prepared from raw cacao beans and cold pressed.

  • All honey should be raw and unheated.

  • Avoid all pasturised foods, as this means they have been cooked.


Keep an eye out for our superfood recipe ideas throughout January.





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