What is Strength & Conditioning?

What is Strength & Conditioning?

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The UK Strength and Conditioning Association define strength and conditioning as:

The physical preparation of athletes for the performance in sport, while aiming to prevent or minimise the risk of injury. It includes processes that result in physical adaptation. Strength work involves all forms of resistance training. Equally, the conditioning element can include work on agility, speed and flexibility and other areas that can impact on an athletes performance.

How does it effect me?

• Improve your ability to do everyday activities – Life is easier when you are strong
• Improve your appearance – Men can develop substantial increases in muscle mass and women can develop a toned and firmed body
• Make you leaner – Strength training increases the body’s basal metabolic rate and increases insulin sensitivity
• Improve your posture, balance and stability Reduce your blood pressure Increase your bone mineral density
• Give you more energy and confidence, and reduce stress and anxiety
• Increase your cognitive function – Healthy body, healthy mind
• Improve your posture, balance and stability
• Reduce your blood pressure
• Increase your bone mineral density

We have an extensive client base that can vouch for the positive effects of S&C and we know from experience that it makes you an all-round healthier person.

Strength & Conditioning at Proathlon

Key to the success of S&C is understanding how to manipulate training variables such as low rep “heavy” work, high rep “volume” work, tempo and recovery time as well as introducing advance-training protocols such as clusters and wave-loading. This is why we select trainers that have obtained Bachelors or Masters degrees in related fields and/or have studied with leading organizations such as the NSCA, ACSM, Australian Sports Institute and Poliquin Institute.

The fitness industry is notoriously susceptible to fads. While we keep abreast of new developments, we have set up Proathlon with tried-and-tested equipment that we know from experience will help you to accomplish your fitness goals.


Assessed using the Just Jump System. This assesses lower body maximal power, reactiveness, power fatigue and muscle stiffness.

Maximum Strength
Assessed using 1 or 3 repetition maximum (RM) tests for the back squat, dead-lift, bench press and pull up.

Strength Endurance
Assessed using the number of repetitions in the squat, dead-lift, bench press and pull up at 70% of your 1RM.

Performance Cycling
The watt bike is the first factory calibrated indoor bike to deliver accurate, consistent performance and data feedback. It was developed in association with British Cycling and is used by World Champions.

The watt bike is an excellent piece of training equipment and its testing ability is world class. The four tests we have chosen are:

• The three minute aerobic test – measuring aerobic capacity
• The storer test – calculating predictive VO2 Max
• The pedalling test – analysing cycling technique and symmetry

For the more experienced cyclists…

• 20 minute high percentage of maximum minute power test – assessing your ability to maintain a high percentage of maximal power

Structured and periodised strength and conditioning programs based on your short and long-term goals.


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