Hotel Room Workout

Hotel Room Workout

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Don’t let business travel or a holiday be the stumbling block on your fitness journey.


Give our 30 minute hotel room workout a try. All the exercises are time based so download an interval timer app on your phone.




Exercise Sets Reps/Time Tempo Recovery
A1 Split Squat 3 30s 2010
A2 Push Up 3 30s 2010
A3 Prone Sky Diver 3 30s n/a 60s
B1 1 Leg RDL 3 30s 2010
B2 Bent Over W’s 3 30s 2010
B3 Hollow Body 3 30s n/a 60s
C1 Burpees (on the minute every minute) 10 10 n/a Remaining time up to the minute


See video link for a demonstration of all the exercises above

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