Breakfast – HOME v AWAY

Breakfast – HOME v AWAY

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We coach our clients to correlate their carbohydrate intake with their exercise. If you have not exercised before breakfast then opt for the “Anytime Breakfast” if you have trained then opt for the “Post Workout Breakfast”.


Breakfast @ Work

Pod: Healthy Fresh Food To Go

Anytime Breakfast – salmon and super seed scrambled eggs (ditch the toast), an additional free range boiled egg and a berry superfood pot on the side.

Post Workout Breakfast – As above but replace the berry superfood pot with the superfood porridge.


Breakfast @ Home

Post Workout Breakfast – Frittatas

Frittatas are a great way of using up old veg and cooked new potatoes.

The key is patience! Make sure all the veg is nice and soft before you add the egg (just whisked eggs and salt and pepper). Always add more egg than you think you’ll need. Again, when cooking the egg, be patient. If you turn up the heat too much you will burn the bottom and have a raw top. I always cook mine in an oven proof pan so I can pop it under the grill at the end to make sure the top half is done.

You can really add anything you want – peppers, courgettes, onions, beans, chorizo, bacon … whatever needs using up!

Cook up a big batch on Sunday and you will have breakfast sorted for the first half of the week.


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