Breakfast: ‘Breaking the fast’

Breakfast: ‘Breaking the fast’

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The first meal of the day kick starts your metabolism, fuels brain function and powers your body for the rest day. It’s not an old wives tale, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.

What makes a bad breakfast?

A breakfast high in sugar and carbohydrate will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. This spike will have a knock on effect within the body which rapidly cause sugar levels to come ‘crashing’ down. This will leave you feeling foggy and with low energy soon after. This is when you might find yourself reaching for the coffee, which in turn will also have a negative effect on your energy production.

The main culprits are …

breakfast cereals, white bread, muffins, processed/snack bars and you, if you skip breakfast and just opt for some juice, banana or coffee.

What makes a good breakfast?

A breakfast high in protein and good fats will create a moderate response in blood sugar levels, keeping levels more constant and therefore avoiding the fore mentioned ‘crash’. A good breakfast will provide your body with a steady release of energy that will maximise your productivity well into the afternoon.

The heroes are …

eggs, lean meats, nuts, avocados, oats and you, if you chose one of these!

Those who eat a good breakfast have been shown to consume fewer calories during the day.

 People who eat breakfast have lower rates of depression and a better all around quality of life. Research shows that eating breakfast improves mood levels and decreases irritability levels throughout the day.

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