What is Biosignature?

What is Biosignature?

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Biosignature uses skin fold callipers to measure twelve sites on the body to determine overall body fat.

We all store fat in different areas: love handles, thunder thighs, bingo wings. Distribution of fat in our bodies is controlled by hormones.

Hormones are chemical messengers that elicit numerous processes within the human body. They control the increase/decrease in metabolism, store/burn fat, build/breakdown lean muscle as well as many other health factors.

Analysis of the twelve sites through biosignature gives us your hormonal profile.

How does this effect me?

Your hormonal profile records exactly where you are storing fat and identifies the hormones that are responsible.

The twelve skin fold sites and what it tell us about you

Chin and Cheek
These are the first sites to decrease in fat during dietary intervention. These sites aren’t linked to any particular hormone imbalance but act as indicator sites as to whether or not your fitness/weight loss plan is working or not.

Pectoral and Triceps
These are the androgen sites. High pectoral readings in men in relation to the triceps readings can reflect an androgen imbalance which makes it far more difficult to add lean muscle mass.

Suprailliac and Subscapular
These are the insulin sites. These sites are related to blood sugar management. High readings here compared to readings for the triceps may reflect poor insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate intolerance.

This site is correlated to thyroid hormone levels.

This is the infamous cortisol site. This skin fold is an indicator of how well you manage and cope with stress. Readings here can be high despite low overall body fat.

Knee and Medial Calf
These skin folds are related to growth hormone and act as an indicator in the quality and quantity of sleep.

Quadriceps and Hamstring
These sites are a function of estrogen levels. High site readings on the front of the legs in relation to the back can be correlated to high estrogen production within the body. This is a commonly high site in females. High readings on the backs of the legs indicates detoxification issues

Biosignature at Proathlon

You will receive your individual training, nutrition and supplementation protocol to stimulate the body to balance out the hormonal irregularities to aid fat loss and improve health.


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