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  • Hotel Room Workout

    Don’t let business travel or a holiday be the stumbling block on your fitness journey.   Give our 30 minute […]

  • Locomotion Exercise – Bear Walking

    For years, various “animal” movements and locomotive patterns have been used in calisthenics, gymnastics, martial arts, and playground games, and […]

  • Lunch – HOME V AWAY

    Lunch @ Work Vita Mojo: Take control of your diet Anytime: Slow cooked beef and sweet potato mash Post workout: […]

  • Modified dynamic pigeon stretch

    A great exercise for stretching the hip external rotators and lumbar region of your back. Set up: From a press […]

  • Lunch – HOME v AWAY

    Lunch @ Work Leon: Naturally Fast Food Anytime – Chargrilled Chicken Superfood Salad with Chimichurri & Chargrilled Chicken Super Pot […]

  • Magnesium – Are you getting enough?

     6 reasons you need a good magnesium supplement Refined foods common in today’s diet are deficient in magnesium – Techniques used […]

  • Complexes for fat loss

    Last month we gave you information about using a HIIT/LISS combo for fat loss. Typically this set up is best […]

  • Breakfast – HOME v AWAY

    We coach our clients to correlate their carbohydrate intake with their exercise. If you have not exercised before breakfast then […]

  • NEW – Evening Classes Available

    We are excited to announce the launch of two new evening classes…   Functional Training Classes Providing a condensed version […]

  • HIIT & LISS Hybrid for FAT LOSS

    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has grown in popularity over the past few years as a preferred method for fat […]

  • Transverse Hamstring Stretch

    Tight hamstrings? If your job requires you to sit at a desk all day your poor hamstrings will spend a […]

  • Proathlon Open Day

    Join us on Thursday 12th November to meet the Proathlon team and our friends from Fresh Fitness Food. From 11am to 3pm What’s […]

  • Superfood: Camu Camu

    CAMU CAMU   Camu camu is a South American bush that grows on the riverbanks of the Amazon rainforest. It […]

  • Baobab Cacoa Smoothie

    BAOBAB CACOA SMOOTHIE Makes 1 litre 750ml water ¼ C cashews 1 banana ¼ C baobab powder ¼ C dates […]

  • Bao Juice

    BAO JUICE   Makes 250ml, dilute with same quantity of water to make 500ml. 2 apples ½ cucumber 2-4 spinach […]

  • Superfood: Baobab

    BAOBAB   Known as the upside-down tree, the cream-of-tartar tree or the African tree of life, the ancient baobab gifts […]

  • Goji Tea

    GOJI TEA   Add a handful of goji berries to rooibos tea (or your favourite tea – buchu or green […]

  • Goji Muesli

    GOJI MUESLI   Make a big jar of this ahead of time so it’s quick to get up and get […]

  • Goji Tomato Soup

    GOJI TOMATO SOUP   Makes  750ml 2 C hot water 6 tomatoes ½ avocado 1/3 C goji berries, soaked ½ […]

  • Superfood: Goji Berry

     Goji Berry   The goji berry has been highly regarded for centuries as a foremost nutritional and botanical medicine in […]


    WHAT ARE SUPERFOODS?   Su-per-food a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.   Superfoods are […]

  • Falafel Mountain

    Ingredients: Base layer Quinoa, cooked as packet instructions Salad layer  2 sticks celery 1 red pepper Half a cucumber Handful […]

  • Ladies that Lift

    Ladies.  Are you tired of spending your valuable time sweating away on the cardio equipment and seeing no results? Do […]

  • Tasty thai style turkey burgers

    Ingredients: 200g lean turkey mince 2 spring onions Fresh red chilli Chopped kaffir lime leaves – I buy the frozen […]

  • Fresh tuna niçoise

    Classic – so easy and SO good! Ingredients 1 Fresh tuna steak 2 organic free range eggs Half a packet of […]

  • Anti inflammation diet

    Acute inflammation is the body’s immune system kicking into action. It is an essential protection mechanism and the symptoms subside […]

  • Halloumi, cherry and puy lentil salad

    Lovely combination of salty cheese and sweet cherries.  Ingredients: 1 block of halloumi cheese Handful of fresh cherries, halved Puy […]

  • Cinnamon & oat pancakes

    Ingredients 4 Free range eggs 100g Gluten free oats Cinnamon Almond butter 150g Greek yoghurt 75g Raspberries   Crack the […]

  • Breakfast: ‘Breaking the fast’

    The first meal of the day kick starts your metabolism, fuels brain function and powers your body for the rest […]

  • What is Strength & Conditioning?

    The UK Strength and Conditioning Association define strength and conditioning as: The physical preparation of athletes for the performance in […]

  • Inspiring Healthy Recipe

    Chicken & Mango Madness Cook the quinoa as packet instructions – We always use stock for a bit of added […]

  • What is Biosignature?

    Biosignature uses skin fold callipers to measure twelve sites on the body to determine overall body fat. We all store […]

  • What is Optimal Nutrition?

    Nutrition is individual to you and is dependent on a variety of factors such as your; bodyweight, sex, type of […]

  • What is Anatomy in Motion?

    Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a simple, effective method of enhancing sports performance, preventing injuries and eliminating existing and often […]

  • Hydration

    Water is vital for life. It makes up 40-60% of our total body weight (dependent on age and sex). It […]