What is Anatomy in Motion?

What is Anatomy in Motion?

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Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a simple, effective method of enhancing sports performance, preventing injuries and eliminating existing and often long-term physical problems through targeted three-dimensional dynamic stretching.

How does it effect me?

Are you frustrated by niggling injuries?

Do you have muscles that always feel tight, no matter how much stretching you do?

Has your quest for a pain free and flexible body been atomistic in its approach?

Our bodies are finely tuned machines that work as one integrated system.

The driver of this system are the feet (The only part of our body in contact with the earth when we walk) Each time a foot hits the floor it sets in motion a sequence of movements and reactions in our bodies that involves all our muscles and all joints. These movements occur in all three dimensions and oscillate about a central point.

Any interruption of this sequence, whether physical or mental, will knock our system out of balance. These imbalances will eventually lead to pain and decreased mobility.

Is there a reset button?

Yes – Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy in Motion at Proathlon

At Proathlon we use the AM Cube force plate and Foot Work Pro software to analyse the distribution of your bodyweight in stance and in gait (walking). This information combined with slow motion video will identify which part of your gait cycle has been interrupted and specifically which muscles are truly long or short. It is then simply a matter of re-educating your body to move how it was designed to.

Proathlon will prescribe and implement individual stretching programs to re-centre your body, reduce your muscle tension and increase your flexibility. This will super-charge you ready to perform.

At Proathlon we believe that a well balanced, centred, pain free, flexible and mobile body has a greater potential to become stronger and better conditioned through our training programs.


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