We don’t believe in fads, pills or magic potions at Proathlon

Whether you’re looking to reduce your body fat percentage, maximise your health and well being or to improve your sports performance – you need to address and optimise your nutrition.

Finding a strategy that suits your life style, goals and ambitions is key to your success. We don’t believe in fads, pills or magic potions at Proathlon, just solid science.

We also recognise that we are all human and advocate small sustainable changes that become habitual and life changing.

Your initial assessment at Proathlon includes

Biosignature Modulation
To determine body fat percentage and hormonal profile

Tanita Scales
Bodyweight and bodyfat percentage

To monitor visual changes throughout your training

Circumference measures
Food diary analysis

This objective assessment allows us to implement a strategy specific to your needs.

The team at Proathlon are obsessed by food! As well as working with you individually we post new recipes on the website every week to keep you inspired.

At Proathlon we make sure you get the most out of your workout by providing pre and post workout shakes.